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Making a Difference

MarketPros transforms competitive markets with personalized approaches, empowering businesses to achieve goals, drive positive change, and stand out in the competitive landscape.

Market Presence

MarketPros’ core commitment is fostering your business growth through data-driven strategies, empowering companies to expand market presence and increase profitability. We leverage market trends and tailored approaches for sustainable growth throughout your geolocation.

Targeted Solutions

MarketPros helps you to gain significant advantages over your competitors by taking a deep dive into all your numbers first, then execute triage strategies to solve the worst pain first, then work our way towards building upon what is already working for you!

Intelligent Growth

MarketPros offers personalized recommendations for sustainable and intelligent target market growth while focusing on a client-centered approach and aligning with individual goals and market trends, ensuring success in our digital marketing services.

Our Strengths

While we strive to do our best for every client, we recognize we can continuously improve upon our skill-sets. Here’s how we rank our strengths. We do our best to remain accountable and constantly strive to do better with our clients’ candid and constructive feedback.


Meet a Stellar Team of Digital Marketing Professionals,

Each with a Big Heart and a Whole Lotta Love!


Don Stormo

Meet Don, the visionary behind MarketPros! Born in Texas and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Don’s passion for technology ignited at just 10 years old when his IBM executive father brought home the world’s first marketed PC. As he grew up tinkering with the computer, he also developed a love for advertising design. After graduating from Kennesaw State University, he fused his creative interests in marketing and technology, paving the way for an exciting career.

With 40+ years of hands-on experience, Don is a master in diverse domains, from SAP Sales Consulting to captivating Marketing Campaigns, stunning Website design, and SEO expertise. His proficiency also extends to various web programming languages.

In April 2006, Don founded MarketPros with a brilliant vision – to create imaginative digital marketing that sets small to medium-sized businesses apart in their competitive local market. Through relentless passion and exceptional talent, he transformed MarketPros into a highly successful digital marketing agency, boasting an impressive 17-year portfolio of website design experience. Don’s team at MarketPros offers not only comprehensive business development and client support but also cutting-edge enterprise resource planning solutions.

Now, Don’s bold new mission is to spread the MarketPros System™ across America, becoming the go-to source for cleaning companies seeking affordable, creative, and professional custom websites, videos, social media marketing, branding, and powerful marketing strategies that yield tangible ROI results. Don’s boundless enthusiasm and commitment to empowering small businesses make him the perfect partner.

With MarketPros, you gain an ROI-based, outsourced digital marketing department that converts prospects into quality sales. Don and his team understand your unique needs as a cleaning business owner, and they’re dedicated to helping your business thrive in the ever-changing, competitive digital marketing landscape. Prepare to elevate your business to new heights with MarketPros by your side!


Cristian Forero

Video Editor and Branch Operations Manager at MarketPros Responsive Solutions, LLC

With over two years of experience, Cristian has carved a niche for himself as a talented professional in the world of video editing and management. A graduate Alumni from Georgia State University, further honing their expertise in the field of video production. His proficiency in video editing software and knowledge of industry trends ensure that each project undertaken reflects a perfect blend of creativity and professionalism.

Throughout their professional journey, Cristian has been instrumental in spearheading successful projects for MarketPros Responsive Solutions, LLC, earning accolades for their dedication, innovation, and ability to meet deadlines with finesse. Their commitment to delivering top-notch video solutions and their ability to adapt to ever-evolving industry demands have made him a valuable asset to their organization.

Outside of work, his commitment to continuous learning and self-improvement is a testament to their dedication to staying at the forefront of the video editing and operations management landscape. With a dynamic combination of creative talent and managerial prowess, Cristian continues to make a significant impact in the video production industry. Their unwavering dedication to delivering excellence and driving business growth makes them a compelling force in the field of video editing.


Lorena Decker

Meet Lorena Jordan Decker—a seasoned marketing and communications expert with over two decades of experience in both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) environments. She’s worked in diverse industries, including associations, shopping centers, retail, consumer goods, luxury products, and IT services and solutions. Currently, Lorena is rocking it at MarketPros Responsive Solutions, where she not only handles client relations but also leads the execution of all marketing programs for their clients.

Before finding her groove at MarketPros, Lorena was the marketing and communications guru for a boutique corporate legal firm in Atlanta, GA. Her contributions in planning, managing, and implementing marketing activities were crucial to the firm’s success. But Lorena’s skills and expertise aren’t just limited to the professional sphere. She’s a go-getter with an impressive educational background too. Lorena holds a B.S. in business administration and marketing from American University and a master’s degree in marketing strategy and management from Johns Hopkins University. Oh, and did I mention? She’s fluent in Spanish, adding another feather to her cap.

Originally hailing from Washington, DC, Lorena now calls Marietta home, where she lives with her loving husband, Eric, and their adorable three-year-old son. When she’s not busy conquering the marketing world, Lorena unwinds by indulging in her passions: reading, watching movies, and traveling. She’s been to more than 20 countries, and each journey adds to the richness of her experiences. But that’s not all! Lorena is actively involved in her community and keeps herself connected through various affiliations. She’s part of Podcast Atlanta, where she gets to engage with other like-minded individuals. Moreover, she’s an active member of the alumni networks of both American University and Johns Hopkins University in Atlanta, cherishing the bonds she formed during her educational journey.

With Lorena’s vibrant personality, impressive accomplishments, and genuine interests, she’s not only a marketing powerhouse but also a relatable and down-to-earth individual you’d love to connect with!


Lindsey Wessels

Hello! I’m Lindsey Wessels, a dedicated Social Media Manager with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and over a year of experience working with MarketPros Responsive Solutions. My passion lies in leveraging social media to help businesses thrive in the digital landscape.

Having worked with various clients, I’ve gained valuable insights into creating effective social media strategies that align with each brand’s unique identity. I believe in the power of continuous learning and always stay updated on the latest social media trends and tools to improve content creation and engagement.

My focus is on helping your business achieve its social media goals, whether it’s increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, or fostering meaningful connections with your audience. By analyzing data and monitoring performance, I aim to optimize your social media presence for better results.

If you’re interested in enhancing your brand’s social media presence and reaching your target audience effectively, I’m here to assist. Let’s connect and discuss how we can work together to achieve your social media objectives. Looking forward to collaborating with you!


Ramon Davis

Meet Ramon, our digital media wizard with over 10 years of experience under his belt. He’s not just a talented artist; he’s a graduate of Georgia State University, majoring in Film and Media with a minor in Entertainment Media Management. Pretty cool, right?

What makes Ramon stand out is his passion for delivering results that boost sales and keep clients happy. He’s all about creating engaging videos, eye-catching marketing graphics, and stunning designs that fit perfectly on social media, websites, and even in print. This guy knows how to make your brand shine!

But wait, there’s more! Ramon’s versatility shines through his blend of graphic design, animations, and video editing skills. He’s like a one-stop-shop for refreshing and captivating content that’ll make your audience go “Wow!” And if you thought that’s all he does, think again. Ramon is also a master at giving your entire business brand a makeover. From your online identity to your website and logo, he’s got the magic touch to revamp your look and make it uniquely yours. But here’s the best part: Ramon takes the time to understand your needs and works diligently to ensure each design is crafted to perfection. Your satisfaction is his top priority!

So, if you’re looking for someone who brings both experience and a personal touch to your digital media needs, Ramon is your guy. He’s ready to make your brand shine like never before!


Kristin Hawthrone

Meet Kristin, our content and social media specialist with a Master’s in Digital Strategy from the University of Florida and a Bachelor’s in Journalism – a dynamic blend of creativity and strategy! With her passion for customer service, communications, and digital

marketing, Kristin’s mission is to become the go-to expert in innovative content strategy and marketing. She’s a pro at creating, implementing, and optimizing social media and email campaigns, leveraging platform analytics and industry trends to achieve remarkable results for multiple clients. But that’s not all! Kristin has a unique talent for channeling different brand voices, whipping up content and email copy that resonates and effortlessly converts prospects into loyal customers. Multitasking is a breeze for her – she juggles simultaneous projects like a true pro, ensuring timely delivery of exceptional client assets. Collaboration is her secret sauce! She thrives on working closely with teams to drive projects forward, fostering a creative and productive environment.


Victor Sonubi

What truly sets Victor apart is not just his proficiency, but his mindset. He firmly believes in the power of continuous improvement, embracing each experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. With a heart open to new knowledge and perspectives, he welcomes challenges with enthusiasm, knowing they pave the way for extraordinary achievements. Currently, Victor is living his dream as an intern at MarketPros, where he shines as a Video Editing Specialist. This role allows him to pour his heart and soul into creating visually stunning and emotionally resonant content. Each day brings fresh inspiration, and he relishes the chance to contribute his creativity and expertise to this thriving team.

When you talk to Victor about his work, his eyes light up, and his energy becomes contagious. He’ll tell you tales of how he skillfully crafts narratives through visual storytelling, capturing moments that leave a lasting impact on audiences. But beneath the excitement, you’ll find a humble soul – a person who understands that no matter how skilled he becomes, there’s always more to learn and achieve.

Victor Sonubi’s story is one of passion, dedication, and a thirst for knowledge. As he continues to traverse this exhilarating journey in the media industry, we can’t help but be drawn into the captivating world he creates. So, keep an eye out for this rising star, for he’s destined to shine brighter with every step he takes.


Sumit Jaryal

Senior Developer & UI/UX Expert at MarketPros Responsive Solutions, LLC

With over 11 years of experience, He bring a wealth of expertise to his role as a Senior Developer & UI/UX Expert at MarketPros Responsive Solutions, LLC. Over the years, he has honned his skills to become expert in UI/UX, PHP, WordPress, Webflow, Squarespace, Shopify, Magento, and Wix. Also, his primary focus revolves around creating flawless user experiences and with seamless functionality for impactful outcomes.

His journey in this field spans over a decade, during which He had the privilege of collaborating across a wide spectrum of industries. His passion lies in pushing boundaries, embracing emerging technologies, and consistently delivering innovation. This journey has allowed him to refine skills that are perfectly aligned with executing seamless projects.

His collaborative approach is fueled by a fusion of creativity and strategic thinking. He excel in integrating cutting-edge design with smooth functionality, resulting in outcomes that resonate with users and clients.




Beatriz Sousa

This is Beatriz, a highly skilled Social Media Manager with a Bachelor’s in Communication and a Master’s in Marketing. With a passion for digital communication, she excels at developing and executing dynamic social media strategies that drive engagement and fuel business growth. Her data-driven approach and a creative mindset ensure that each campaign she oversees delivers meaningful results. Over the years, she has successfully managed diverse social media campaigns for local businesses and brands, all while maintaining a strong focus on brand consistency and user experience.


Veronica Güílamo

This is Veronica, expert on digital marketing and social media with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a Master’s in Management in the hospitality industry. Her dream is guiding brands to reach their audience through strategies that strengthen their presence in the market and their relationship with their customers. She has worked with multiple brands internationally and has represented a valuable point for campaigns with organic growth approaches and valuable content. Finally, she has a broad knowledge of how to build successful campaigns for the markets of entrepreneurship, education, hospitality, automotive, cleaning, and others…


Katie Miller

Katie Miller’s passion for film is deep-rooted, extending from a love of the writers’ room all the way to the editing table. She graduated from the University of Georgia in Fall 2022 with dual degrees in Film Studies and Entertainment Studies, and has spent valuable time in Los Angeles as both a Producer’s Intern and Editing Intern.

Through her experiences on campus and beyond, Katie has become accomplished in fields of graphic design, producing, videography, script editing, and her personal favorite, video editing. She is always open to innovative ideas from her team members as well as innovations in tech.

Katie is grateful to be a part of the team at Marketpros as an Assistant Video Editing Assistant!


Rosemol Thanjappan

Meet Rosemol “Rose” Thanjappan, a highly skilled and ambitious professional brimming with enthusiasm for technology and innovation. With a Bachelor’s degree in Software Development from Georgia Gwinnett College, Rose has carved an impressive path in the world of web development and product management.

From a young age, Rose demonstrated a natural aptitude for problem-solving and an insatiable curiosity about computers and programming. This passion led her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Software Development from Georgia Gwinnett College, where she honed her technical prowess and gained a comprehensive understanding of software engineering principles.

After completing her Associate Degree from Gwinnett Technical College, Rose embarked on an exhilarating career as a web developer, swiftly making her mark in the digital landscape. Her diverse array of projects includes dynamic e-commerce platforms and interactive web portals, each reflecting her unwavering commitment to excellence. Currently, Rose is thrilled to be an intern at MarketPros, where she contributes her skills and expertise as an Operations Assistant. She relishes the opportunity to learn and grow in this dynamic environment. With her passion for technology and dedication to excellence, Rose continues to make significant strides in her professional journey, leaving a lasting impact wherever she goes.

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