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Making a Difference

MarketPros transforms competitive markets with personalized approaches, empowering businesses to achieve goals, drive positive change, and stand out in the competitive landscape.

Market Presence

MarketPros' core commitment is fostering your business growth through data-driven strategies, empowering companies to expand market presence and increase profitability. We leverage market trends and tailored approaches for sustainable growth throughout your geolocation.

Targeted Solutions

MarketPros helps you to gain significant advantages over your competitors by taking a deep dive into all your numbers first, then execute triage strategies to solve the worst pain first, then work our way towards building upon what is already working for you!

Intelligent Growth

MarketPros offers personalized recommendations for sustainable and intelligent target market growth while focusing on a client-centered approach and aligning with individual goals and market trends, ensuring success in our digital marketing services.

Meet a Stellar Team of Digital Marketing Professionals,

Each with a Big Heart and a Whole Lotta Love!


Lorena Decker

Hello! I'm Lorena Jordan Decker—two decades deep in the vibrant world of marketing and communications. I've navigated through the waves of B2B and B2C, each industry leaving its unique stamp on my professional journey. Currently, I'm steering the ship at MarketPros Responsive Solutions, where I blend client engagement with the artistry of marketing strategy. Think of it as conducting an orchestra, where every note is a campaign that harmonizes with our clients' goals.

My marketing odyssey began within the refined halls of a boutique legal firm in Atlanta, where precision and strategy were my best allies. The experience was akin to a meticulous dance with brand narratives, each step calculated and impactful. Education has been a cornerstone of my growth—thanks to the halls of American University and the rigorous programs of Johns Hopkins, my toolbox is well-stocked. And, when the need arises, I can switch to Spanish, adding a vibrant layer to our communications palette.

Home is Marietta, GA, where family life with my husband, Eric, and our little one keeps me grounded and joyous. Off-duty, I'm an avid reader, a film enthusiast, and a globetrotter with a penchant for collecting stamps in my passport. Engagement beyond work is key; I mingle with podcast enthusiasts and nurture connections through alumni associations, always keen to keep learning and sharing knowledge.

Let's talk shop and maybe share a story or two. With a balance of professionalism and spirited conversation, we can take your marketing efforts from solid to spectacular. Here's to creating and celebrating successes together!


Don Stormo

I own MarketPros, the tech-infused, creative engine where my lifelong passion for technology and marketing merge. This journey began under the expansive Texas sky and blossomed in Atlanta, Georgia's vibrant pulse. Envision a youngster, captivated by the first marketed PC, a gift from my IBM exec father. That was me, my curiosity sparked early on.

At Kennesaw State University, my dual affinities for creativity and technology became one, setting me on a path to master the art of advertising design. With more than four decades of experience, I’ve become adept in various domains—from SAP Sales Consulting to architecting marketing campaigns, creating compelling website designs, and enhancing SEO strategies.

MarketPros came to life in 2006, born from a vision to lift small to medium-sized businesses with innovative digital marketing. Now, after seventeen years, we've been architecting stories through design that stand out for their clarity and impact. MarketPros has evolved into a hub of business development, fostering client relationships, and offering cutting-edge, enterprise digital marketing solutions delivering results that generate quality leads.

My ambition reaches beyond the present—aiming to take the MarketPros System™ across the nation, to become your trusted ally for cleaning companies, funeral homes, and cremation service based businesses seeking custom, creative, cost-effective digital marketing solutions. Our focus remains on generating robust ROI, transforming every marketing effort into measurable success.

I always say, "Google drives the bus. It's nice to know the bus driver." In the world of digital visibility, understanding how to navigate Google's algorithm is essential for effective branding and search engine optimization. It’s not just about getting on the bus; it’s about making sure all aspects of your digital marketing are built right based on all of Google's digital marketing requirements while ensuring your brand is on the right route to capture attention, thus driving traffic that directly impacts your business success in the digital marketplace.

MarketPros isn’t just an agency; it's a partnership. We understand the relentless dedication required in the cleaning business and the solemn respect essential in funeral and cremation services. My team is ready and able to help you navigate the competitive digital marketing landscape. Ready to see your business shine? With MarketPros, let’s turn your vision into a distinguished, ROI based reality that stands out in your industry!


Cristian Forero

Hey there! I'm Cristian, your go-to guy for slicing, dicing, and splicing videos into visual masterpieces, all while keeping the operations at MarketPros Responsive Solutions, LLC running smoother than a video transition. I leaped into the video editing world two years ago and haven't looked back since. Picture this: a Georgia State University alum with a diploma in one hand and a film reel in the other, eager to turn concepts into high-impact visuals.

At work, I'm like a maestro, orchestrating pixels and clips into a symphony of stories. My trusty tools? The latest video editing software and a knack for staying ahead of the curve with industry trends. The result? A cinematic blend of creativity and professionalism that hits all the right notes. I wear two hats—Video Editor and Branch Operations Manager—balancing creativity with the nitty-gritty of management. Imagine juggling timelines, expectations, and resources, all to the beat of a ticking clock. It's a thrill ride, and I love every second of it.

Off the clock, my hunger for knowledge never quits. I'm always plugged into the latest in video tech and management strategies, ensuring my skills are as sharp as my editor's blade. So, if you're looking for someone who can cut a killer video and run a tight ship, I'm your guy. Let's roll the credits on average and premiere something extraordinary together!


Veronica Güílamo

Hi there, I'm Veronica, your go-to guru for all things digital marketing and social media. With a Bachelor's in Marketing tucked under my belt and a Master's in Management specifically tailored to the hospitality industry, I've turned my dream into a day job: steering brands towards the spotlight with strategies that not only boost their market presence but also forge stronger connections with their clientele.

I've journeyed through various landscapes, partnering with an array of international brands. My approach? Focusing on organic growth and crafting content that resonates and engages. Whether it's a startup finding its feet, a university expanding its reach, or a hotel aiming to enhance its charm, I've been the go-to strategist, creating campaigns that speak the language of the target audience. My expertise isn't just confined to hospitality; I've made my mark in sectors like automotive, cleaning, and more, always aiming to turn a good strategy into a great success. So, if you're looking to make a real impact in your market, I'm your strategist. Let's make some marketing magic happen!




Beatriz Sousa

Hello! I'm Beatriz, your digital story-weaver and Social Media Manager extraordinaire, backed by a rich tapestry of academic rigor—a Bachelor's in Communication and a Master's in Marketing. I'm not just passionate about digital communication; I'm downright smitten with it. I artfully orchestrate social media symphonies, infusing strategy with verve to ignite engagement and supercharge business growth.

Each campaign under my wing is a harmonious blend of razor-sharp analytics and a burst of creative genius, ensuring that every move we make resonates with purpose and pizzazz. Over the years, I've been the maestro behind a kaleidoscope of social media campaigns, weaving together the threads of local businesses and luminary brands into a quilt of consistency and standout user experiences.

In the digital dance of trends and human desires, I lead with insights in one hand and creativity in the other, transforming every interaction into an opportunity for connection and every click into a potential conversion. Welcome to a world where social media isn't just seen or heard—it's felt.


Rosemol "Rose" Thanjappan

Hi there, I'm Rosemol "Rose" Thanjappan, a tech enthusiast and a firm believer in the power of innovation. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Software Development from Georgia Gwinnett College, I've journeyed through the intricate world of web development and product management, leaving my mark along the digital highway.

Ever since I was little, I've had this knack for untangling problems and a deep fascination with all things computers and coding. That drove me to get my Bachelor's degree in Software Development, transforming my raw curiosity into sharp technical skills and a solid grasp of software engineering.

My voyage in tech began in earnest after I snagged my Associate Degree from Gwinnett Technical College, diving headfirst into web development. It's been a thrilling ride, creating everything from bustling e-commerce sites to interactive web experiences, each project a testament to my relentless pursuit of perfection.

And now, I'm super excited to be the new intern at MarketPros, bringing my mix of skills and boundless energy as an Operations Assistant. This is more than a job; it's my playground for learning, experimenting, and thriving in a place that's as dynamic as the tech itself.

My journey is far from over. With a heart full of passion and a mind geared towards constant improvement, I'm here to make waves and build bridges, taking the tech world by storm, one successful project at a time.


Bal Sumit Jaryal A.K.A. "Geek"

They call me "the Geek" here at MarketPros Responsive Solutions, LLC, where I serve as a seasoned Senior Developer & UI/UX Expert. With a track record that spans over 11 years, I've cultivated a deep expertise in UI/UX, mastering platforms such as PHP, WordPress, Webflow, Squarespace, Shopify, Magento, and Wix. My focus? Creating impeccable user experiences that embody flawless functionality and make a meaningful impact.

Throughout a journey that's taken me across the better part of a decade, I've had the privilege of collaborating with a broad range of industries, each experience enriching my skill set. Driven by a quest to push boundaries and a desire to integrate emerging technologies, I've dedicated myself to delivering continuous innovation and fine-tuning my abilities for executing seamless projects with finesse.

As "the Geek," my approach to work is deeply collaborative, characterized by a dynamic fusion of creativity and strategic innovation. I specialize in weaving cutting-edge design with smooth functionality, delivering results that not only resonate with users and clients but also set new standards in the digital landscape.


Joban Singh

Hello, I'm Joban, your seasoned online marketing SEO strategist and digital pathfinder. Over the past decade, I've dedicated my career to mastering the ebb and flow of the digital marketing world, navigating through myriad projects with a focus on impactful results.

In the world of Search Engine Optimization, I'm well-versed across various platforms, from the commercial hubs of Shopify to the detailed frameworks of Yoast and the expansive territories of Magento. My approach is tailored and strategic, ensuring that every facet of SEO is leveraged to benefit your online presence.

The significance of the Google Algorithm update on October 4, 2023, hasn't escaped my notice. It's an important milestone in the SEO landscape, and rest assured, we are actively dissecting its components. Our objective is clear: to equip our clients with the knowledge and strategy required to excel as we forge ahead into 2024 and beyond.

Proficiency in Google Analytics is part of my toolkit, allowing me to dive deep into data and emerge with insights that drive decisions. Alongside this, I possess a deep understanding of SEMrush and Ahrefs, powerful tools in the search marketing arsenal that support a robust, data-driven approach.

At the helm, I lead a capable and creative team of designers and developers. Together, we craft digital experiences that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are built on a foundation of solid technical SEO.

If you're on the hunt for a strategic partner to help navigate the complexities of online marketing and stay ahead of the curve, I'm here to chart the course. Let's set sail towards a future where your digital presence doesn't just survive but thrives.


Victor Sonubi

Hi, I'm Victor, and if there's one thing that truly captures who I am, it's my belief in the power of continuous improvement. Every experience, to me, is a golden ticket to learn, evolve, and push the envelope a little further. With a mindset geared towards growth and a heart that thrives on new perspectives, I embrace challenges as the catalysts for greatness.

Currently, I'm living out what feels like a dream as an intern at MarketPros. Here, I get to channel my passion as a Video Editing Specialist, crafting visuals that tug at heartstrings and ignite imaginations. Every day is a canvas, each project an opportunity to blend creativity with expertise in a team that's as passionate about innovation as I am.

When we chat, you'll see my eyes sparkle as I recount the stories we've told through our videos. I find joy in the art of visual storytelling, weaving together scenes that capture the essence of our message and resonate deeply with our audience. Yet, despite the thrill of creation, I remain grounded, always aware that there's a vast horizon of knowledge and skill yet to explore.

My name is Victor Sonubi, and my journey is fueled by passion, commitment, and an insatiable curiosity. As I navigate the exciting realm of media, I invite you to come along and witness the narratives we unfold. Together, we'll discover that the potential to create and inspire knows no bounds – and that's just the beginning of our story.


Malcolm Coles

Hello, world! I'm Malcolm Coles, your digital marketing intern extraordinaire from the halls of Morehouse College. Picture this: a maestro of client relationships turned digital dynamo. My previous gig at Forrest Solutions? It was all about orchestrating a client service ballet that kept the standing ovations coming.

As the Head Honcho of Office Management for Greenberg Traurig, I turned daily operations into a well-timed dance that kept productivity high and the coffee fresh. Now, armed with a hot-off-the-press Associate Degree in Digital Marketing and my sights set on a Bachelor's in Business Administration, I'm the fresh face with old-school discipline ready to rock the digital marketing boat.

With my toolkit of Microsoft Office mastery and a knack for viral tweets and posts, I'm gearing up to help our team not just sail but soar. Let's get ready to mix some serious strategy with a pinch of playfulness and watch the analytics sing!

Our Strengths

While we strive to do our best for every client, we recognize we can continuously improve upon our skill-sets. Here's how we rank our strengths. We do our best to remain accountable and constantly strive to do better with our clients' candid and constructive feedback.


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